TRIZ and the paradigms of social sustainability in product development endeavors

By Hede, S.; Ferreira, P.V.; Lopes, M.N.; Rocha, L.A.

Procedia Engineering



The Business practices of an industrialized civilization are responsible for intensifying the dynamics of the interdependent environmental, social and economic domains of our ecosystem. The worldwide objective to accomplish Sustainability is invariably addressed by Policy makers and Institutions by means of moderately disparate co-relations between Environmental and Social considerations. The dimension of Social Sustainability has a direct co-relation towards the extended continuation of a globalized Enterprise. The stated co-relation is an interconnected and interdependent network comprising of growth in Innovation and Sustainability at the Environmental and Economic frontiers. From the standpoint of Innovation, the 20th century has been dominated by both TRIZ with OTSM and Kurzweil‟s Law of Accelerating Returns to steer the future of revolutionary innovations. Moreover, TRIZ and its evolved counterpart OTSM have been extensively utilized for macro-scale problem solving scenarios, while Kurzweil‟s Law has reached up to quantum scale whereby matter as we know exhibits an entire range of unique properties with a potential to dramatically transform our human civilization. Accordingly, the perceived limitations and vague applicability of TRIZ in sub-macro scale innovations has been discussed.


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