Spatial-temporal business partnership selection in uncertain environments

By Arrais-Castro, A.; Varela, M.L.R.; Ribeiro, R.A.; Putnik, G.D.

FME Transactions



Small and Medium (SME) companies are facing growing challenges while trying to implement globalized business strategies. Contemporary business models need to account for spatial-temporal changeable environments, where lack of confidence and uncertainty in data are a reality. Further, SMEs are finding it increasingly difficult to include all required competences in their internal structures; therefore, they need to rely on reliable business and supplier partnerships to be successful. In this paper we discuss a spatial-temporal decision approach capable of handling lack of confidence and imprecision on current and/or forecast data. An illustrative case study of business' partner selection demonstrates the approach suitability, which is complemented by a statistical analysis with different levels of uncertainty to assess its robustness in uncertain environments.


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