Lithium cobalt oxide crystallization on flexible polyimide substrate

By Ribeiro, J.F.; Sousa, R.; Vieira, E.M.F.; Rolo, A.G.; Silva, M.M&p

Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics



This work reports the fabrication and characterization of lithium cobalt oxide films (LiCoO2) on flexible Kapton® substrate. LiCoO2 is commonly used as cathode of lithium microbatteries but needs an annealing of 700 °C, which is not compatible with most flexible substrates. LiCoO2 films were deposited by reactive RF sputtering followed by an annealing process at 400 °C for 1 h in vacuum and air atmospheres both in silicon and Kapton® substrates. Raman spectroscopy, X-ray diffraction patterns and scanning electron microscopy images were used to evaluate samples crystallinity and morphology. Films fabricated in Kapton® and silicon substrates were compared.



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