Exact solution of combined cutting stock and scheduling problems

By Braga, N.; Alves, C.; de Carvalho, J.V.

Lecture Notes in Economics and Mathematical Systems



[Extrato] Given their practical relevance and their challenging nature, cutting and packing problems have been a major topic of research since many years. The typology of Wäscher et al. [7] is a good illustration of this fact. Apart from providing a wide classification scheme for these problems, it also identifies a large set of contributions for different variants of the standard problem. These variants cover different characteristics of the items and rolls and different kinds of objective functions, for example. In this paper, we address one possible variant of the problem that considers a scheduling term in the objective function related to the existence of due dates imposed on the delivery of the items. This problem has been addressed recently by Reinertsen and Vossen in [6] and Arbib and Marinelli in [1].


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