IL1RN gene polymorphism in a Portuguese population with implant-supported overdentures - An observational study

By Sampaio-Fernandes, M.; Vaz, P.C.; Braga, A.C.; Figueiral, M.H.

Revista Portuguesa de Estomatologia, Medicina Dentaria e Cirurgia Maxilofacial



Objectives: This study aimed to evaluate the frequency of the different alleles of the VNTR IL1RN gene (86 by RP, intron 2), in a Portuguese Caucasian population with implant supported overdentures.Methods: Fifty-eight Caucasians rehabilitated with implant overdentures for at least 6 months, were randomly recruited from the Removable Prostheses Forms used in Faculty of Dental Medicine, University of Porto. After clinical examination, DNA was obtained through oral mucosa swab. PCR was used to identify the IL1RN gene alleles. The frequency estimates and the corresponding 95% CI for alleles and genotypes of the IL1RN gene were calculated using the exact binomial test.Results: The population included 44 females and 14 males. Only 2 subjects were smokers; 6 subjects had diabetes and 5 had chronic gastritis. The most frequent allele of IL1RN gene was allele 5, with an estimated frequency of 58.6%, followed by the allele 4 with a frequency of 48.3%. The alleles 1 and 2 were not detected. The most frequent genotype was allele 5/allele 5, followed by the allele 4/allele 4.Conclusions: Allele 5 was the most frequent IL1RN allele and allele 5/allele 5 was the most frequent genotype. Further studies are required in order to understand the role of alleles 5 and 4, as well as of the allelic combinations of the IL1RN gene polymorphism, on the development of biological complications with dental implants. (C) 2015 Sociedade Portuguesa de Estomatologia e Medicina Dentaria.



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