RF and EMC investigation on CRIP system for the e-healthcare CareStore platform

By Ravelo, B.; Miranda, J.; Cabral, J.; Wagner, S.; Pedersen, C.F.; Memon, M&period

2015 9th European Conference on Antennas and Propagation, EuCAP 2015



This paper is aimed to the RF coverage and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) analyses of e-healthcare CareStore platform. The functioning principle of this innovative platform is described. Its RF hardware part named CRIP platform is composed of 2.4GHz BLE112 Bluetooth and NFCRFID (ISO/IEC-18092) and biometrics (ISO/IEC-19794) readers as identification functions. The RF coverage of the CRIP Bluetooth antenna system in the indoor wireless communication scenario of multi-wall floor was investigated based on the multipath channel propagation ITU model. Then, the EMC qualification test results were presented with respect to the EU conformity with IEC/EN55022 for the emission and IEC/EN61000-3-4 for the radiated immunity. It was shown that the first version of CRIP device operates correctly under the EM radiation expected with this standard. However, further improvement will be made on the second version of the CRIP by including WLAN Wi-Fi function. This version should take into account the software interface allowing to assure the healthcare data storage via could system. With this second version, the hardware circuit boards will be implemented in order to minimize the EM radiation outside the operating frequency bands.


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