A geographic opportunistic forwarding strategy for vehicular named data networking

By Liu, X.; Jo\~ao Nicolau, M.; Costa, A.; Macedo, J.; Santos, A.

Studies in Computational Intelligence



Recent advanced intelligent devices enable vehicles to retrieve information while they are traveling along a road. The store-carry-and-forward paradigm has a better performance than traditional communication due to the tolerance to intermittent connectivity in vehicular networks. Named Data Networking is an alternative to IP-based networks for data retrieval. On account of most vehicular applications taking interest in geographic location related information, this paper propose a Geographical Opportunistic Forwarding Protocol (GOFP) to support geo-tagged name based information retrieval in Vehicle Named Data Networking (V-NDN). The proposed protocol adopts the opportunistic forwarding strategy, and the position of interest and trajectories of vehicles are used in forwarding decision. Then the ONE simulator is extended to support GOFP and simulation results show that GOFP has a better performance when compared to other similar protocols in V-NDN.


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