Nonlinear optimization for human-like synchronous movements of a dual arm-hand robotic system

By Gulletta, G.; Ara\'ujo, S.M.; Costa E Silva, E.; Costa, M.F.; Erlhagen, W.&

AIP Conference Proceedings



In previous work we have presented a model capable of generating human-like movements for a dual arm-hand robot involved in human-robot cooperative tasks. However, the focus was on the generation of reach-to-grasp and reach-to-regrasp bimanual movements and no synchrony in timing was taken into account. In this paper we extend the previous model in order to accomplish bimanual manipulation tasks by synchronously moving both arms and hands of an anthropomorphic robotic system. Specifically, the new extended model has been designed for two different tasks with different degrees of difficulty. Numerical results were obtained by the implementation of the IPOPT solver embedded in our MATLAB simulator.


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