Design and development of a portable projection and natural interface device for virtual games applied to physiotherapy

By Lopes, O.; Martins, T.; Carvalho, V.; Matos, D.; Soares, F.; Machado, J.

AIP Conference Proceedings



Physical Medicine and Motor Rehabilitation is a medical specialty that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of different pathologies. This process is characterized by the repetition of movements, becoming dull and off- putting. Over the past few years, new strategies have been introduced, including virtual games, as the objective of making this process more fun and motivating. This article presents a proposal for a mobile device for conducting virtual games that support the professionals of Physical Medicine and Motor Rehabilitation, held either in a clinical setting or at home. It is intended that these professionals as well as patients, may take advantage of the potential of virtual interactive gaming in a simpler and convenient way.


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