Deriving a data model from a set of interrelated business process models

By Cruz, E.F.; Machado, R.J.; Santos, M.Y.

ICEIS 2015 - 17th International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems, Proceedings



Business process modeling and management approaches are increasingly used and disclosed between organi- zations as a means of optimizing and streamlining the business activities. A business process model identifies the activities, resources and data involved in the creation of a product or service, having lots of useful infor- mation that can be used to create a data model for the supporting software system. A data model is one of the most important models used in software development. Usually an organization deals with several business processes. As a consequence a software product does not usually support only one business process, but rather a set of business processes. This paper proposes an approach to generate a data model, based on a set of interrelated business processes, modeled in BPMN language. The approach allows aggregating in one data model all the information about persistent data that can be extracted from the set of business process models serving as a basis for the software development.


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