Focusing the future of engineering education

By Ciampi, M.M.; Da Brito, C.R.; Vasconcelos, R.M.; Amaral, L.A.; Barros, V&peri

SEFI Annual Conference 2014



The definitions of teacher and student are changing and Education is moving out of episodic experiences at traditional institutions like classrooms and schools into learning flows that course through our daily lives. The use of new technologies in classroom is also an important requirement for a teacher in Higher Education especially in engineering; it is part of teaching environment now. So utilizing emerging technologies to provide expanded learning opportunities is critical to the success of future generations. It is clear that there is a life long learning environment not only for future engineers but also for teachers. This paper describes the "International Engineering Educator" developed by the engineering education research team of COPEC – Science and Education Research Council. It is offered by the International Institute of Education of COPEC, which is a certification organization that certifies in accordance with the Ministry of Education of the Country referring to the National Law of Higher Education, with an international certification.


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