Business and technology integrated management: A case of e-government for assessing the impact of policies

By Noce, I.; Carvalho, J.A.

ACM International Conference Proceeding Series



The purpose of this thesis is to develop a management system that integrates business and its supporting technologies administrations. Although the management system includes a modelling technique to support its application, its main emphasis is on integrating working methods. The management system combines a number of management practices and techniques that address business development management (business strategy, organizational structure, business process management, business and information technology alignment, as well as other management areas) and adds a further layer for the integration. The proposed modelling technique plays an instrumental role as it provides a language that helps to bridge the gap between the different concepts employed. This integrated management system was undertaken through a Design Science Research process. This is being implemented in real business situations as a way of validating and improving it, through Action Research case studies. The main value of this project is to show the essential components of an integrated model that sets ground rules for achieving an effective integration between business management and technology management. The proposed management system includes a conceptual framework, a representation technique and a set of recommendations on how to use the concepts. The three basic framework components for integration are trade, people and technology, and this is called TPT modelling. In addition, the integrated management system, supported by the framework, is called Business Technology Management (BTM). The BTM approach enable business managers to analyse, define, and carry out the business and its supporting technologies with a unified management technique. It also provides the technology managers with a procedure for devising a suitable technological architecture that is suitable for achieving better results in business. This new management technique expands the knowledge of business and technology management and is an innovative integrated technique for technology management that can contribute to overcome the problem of misalignment, which for many years, has been regarded as the main problem of Information Technology management.


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