Innovative on demand international engineering programs

By Da Brito, C.R.; Ciampi, M.M.; Vasconcelos, R.M.; Amaral, L.A.; Barros, V&peri

SEFI Annual Conference 2014



Following the new trends of higher education, COPEC International Institute of Education is offering courses in engineering that are customized not only for enterprises but also for groups of professionals or academia interested in acquiring special knowledge with a valid certification. The programs are dimensioned in accordance with the knowledge and practice that are necessary for the group of professional engineers or academia. They make the requirements and the program is designed to fit their needs. They are partially on class and some content is delivered on line as long as it comprises the amount of hours that are necessary to accomplish the program, focusing in the main goal that is to have a certified course of specialists in a certain field of expertise. The proposed program is an investment that guarantees return by the strategic vision for a successful performance, the higher management capacity and the growth of intellectual capital.


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