Three-phase three-level current-source converter for EVs fast battery charging systems

By Monteiro, V.; Exposto, B.; Pinto, J.G.; Sepulveda, M.J.; Melendez, A.A.N&peri

Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Industrial Technology



This paper presents a three-phase three-level fast battery charger for electric vehicles (EVs) based in a current-source converter (CSC). Compared with the traditional voltage-source converters used for fast battery chargers, the CSC can be seen as a natural buck-type converter, i.e., the output voltage can assume a wide range of values, which varies between zero and the maximum instantaneous value of the power grid phase-to-phase voltage. Moreover, using the CSC it is not necessary to use a dc-dc back-end converter in the battery side, and it is also possible to control the grid current in order to obtain a sinusoidal waveform, and in phase with the power grid voltage (unitary power factor). Along the paper is described in detail the proposed CSC for EVs fast battery charging systems: the circuit topology, the power control theory, the current control strategy and the grid synchronization algorithm. Several simulation results of the EV fast battery charger operating with a maximum power of 50 kW are presented.


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