A pervasive intelligent system for scoring MEWS and TISS-28 in intensive care

By Portela, F.; Santos, M.F.; Silva, ?.; Machado, J.; Abelha, A.; Rua, F&

IFMBE Proceedings



Usually intensive care medicine practice is highly supported on scores as SOFA, SAPS and Glasgow. More recently, two new scores have been considered: MEWS and TISS-28.This paper presents how the Scoring System (SS) of the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of Centro Hospitalar do Porto, evolved in order to accommodate the new scores. SS can automatically, in real-time and using online learning, provide a set of scores with a minimum human effort. SS is integrated in the Electronic Nursing Record (ENR) used for better comprehension of the patient condition through a set of information available: vital signs graphs, therapeutic plans, interventions, laboratory results and others. Those systems are supported by a pervasive platform for monitoring patient data anywhere and anytime. SS calculates the TISS-28 Score per day and nursing turn and the MEWS per minute, hour and day. These two new scores improve the understanding of the real condition of the patients. SS allows for obtaining automatically and in real-time the following scores: SAPS II, SAPS III, SOFA, GLASGOW, TISS28 and Mews anywhere and anytime. The development of SS only was possible due to a continuous and real-time execution of the data acquisition and data processing. The introduction of MEWS and TISS-28 brought some benefits at level of the decision process and workload and, consequently, to the ICU management process.


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