Derivation of data-driven software models from business process representations

By Cruz, E.F.; Machado, R.J.; Santos, M.Y.

Proceedings - 2014 9th International Conference on the Quality of Information and Communications Technology, QUATIC 2014



usiness process modeling and management ap- proaches are increasingly used and disclosed between organiza- tions as a means to improve their products or services quality and to improve their productivity. If on one hand Business Processes Management and Modeling is becoming increasingly important to organizations, on the other hand, software development teams still have serious difficulties in defining the requirements for the software that supports the business processes which primarily have been based on lists of needs felt by users. As a result, we have software models and applications that are not aligned with business processes. Basing requirements elicitation in the Business Process Modeling would ensure the alignment between Business Processes and software models and applications. The main objective of this research is helping to close the gap between the business processes and the software that supports the business, deriving early software models from business process models.


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