Business intelligence in maternity care

By Pereira, E.; Brand\"oo, A.; Portela, C.F.; Santos, M.F.; Machado, J.;

ACM International Conference Proceeding Series



The emergency services are usually pressured to make quick decisions with incomplete information on most cases, and this situation has a significant impact on healthcare as well on increasing medical errors. On the other hand, there has been an increase of the Electronic Health at Maternity Care. The combination of these two factors allows the construction of a Decision Support System specific for Maternity Care Unit using Business Intelligence technology. This solution is supported by a Data Warehouse, that uses the dimensional structure snowflake and makes the modeling of the maternity care database. With this solution it is intended to turn possible a clinical evidence-based practice, allowing for real time medical decision making with pervasive and interoperable characteristics. This paper presents the architecture, KPIs and benefits of Business Intelligence solution for the real context. This platform has several modules of clinical importance. The Obstetric Gynecological Emergency and the Voluntary Interruption of Pregnancy modules are object of study. This solution has an innovative contribution to the medical and scientific community studying the problem in Maternity area.


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