Step towards simulation and monitoring of hospital waiting lists

By Viana, M.; Oliveira, O.; Abelha, A.; Machado, J.

ESM 2012 - 2012 European Simulation and Modelling Conference: Modelling and Simulation 2012



Nowadays, the key to competitive advantage is being able to identify, summarize and categorize data. Currently, organizations should be able to interpret and convert information in a differentiating factor for those who are responsible for decision-making can take advantage of it. The main aim of this paper is to simulate and monitor real clinical data from Hospital Geral Santo Antonio (HGSA) in order to find trends and indicators that can support decision-making. It was made some experiments in ICU arena and in the hospital waiting lists (surgery and appointment). In the experimental phase it was used the open source BI tool Pentaho Suite in order to proceed the Knowledge Discovery (KD) process. It was considered an efficient process to clinical data simulation and monitoring, such as Pentaho BI tool. © 2012 EUROSIS-ETI.


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