Towards intelligent drug electronic prescription

By Duarte, J.; Neves, J.; Cabral, A.; Gomes, M.; Marques, V.; Santos, M.F.&a

ESM 2011 - 2011 European Simulation and Modelling Conference: Modelling and Simulation 2011



The errors associated with prescription drugs are common. The technology will help to reduce the error. The transition from the traditional method of prescription (written manually and on paper) for electronic prescribing of drugs has been done in developed countries. However, there is still some lack of efficiency. Some of the inefficiencies in the method of electronic prescribing are related to the interface of these systems, based on forms. These systems are still unwise and less useful as an aid in decision making on prescription. This study attempted to explore the automatic interpretation of text in electronic prescription systems and techniques of Case Based Reasoning for recommending drugs.


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