Quality of service in transplantation via the electronic medical record

By Belo, D.; Miranda, M.; Abelha, A.; Machado, J.; Neves, J.

7th International Industrial Simulation Conference 2009, ISC 2009



Medical Informatics may sets itself as a new area of re- search open to share its practices, but with a predispo- sition to consider different but complementary compu- tational paradigms and new methodologies for problem solving. Indeed, healthcare providers, namely the insti- tutions on the public sector, with its physicians, nurses, administrative staff and patients present the right uni- verse to consider and study. It is in this context that the use of Electronic Health Records changed the work- flow of facilities which use heterogeneous, scheduled and unstructured methods of recording, in order to solve patient problems and to improve medical and clinical research and education. In this paper the Electronic Health Record of the Centro Hospitalar do Porto (one of the major portuguese healthcare facilities in the public sector) is presented. The focus is made on the integra- tion and recording of different processes, being studied the case of the hepatic transplantation surgery department.


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