Influence of pedal use in developing of chronic low back pain and work disability

By Barata, S.; Gagulic, S.; Arezes, P.M.

Occupational Safety and Hygiene II - Selected Extended and Revised Contributions from the International Symposium Occupational Safety and Hygiene, SHO 2014



Low back pain is a common dysfunction in workers, contributing to decreased quality of life and productivity. The aim of this study is to evaluate the influence of the pedal in industrial machines for developing chronic back pain, as well as the impact of back pain on quality of life and ability to work. The sample consists of S4 sewers of an automotive industry, divided into two groups: with and without using the pedal. Was applied to the scale of pain and disability of Quebec, the qualitv of life question- naire {SF-36} and the Beliefs, Fear and Avoidance questionnaire {QCME}. After descriptive statistics and inferential analysis, it was found that back pain does not suffer an influence statistically significant, use the pedal. It is concluded that the workers back pain is not influenced by using the pedal, while causing a decrease in quality of life and increased fears concerning the failure.


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