Risk factors associated with musculoskeletal symptoms in footwear sewing workers

By Afonso, L.; Pinho, M.E.; Arezes, P.M.

Occupational Safety and Hygiene II - Selected Extended and Revised Contributions from the International Symposium Occupational Safety and Hygiene, SHO 2014



Beyond the lack of studies on this issue, particularly in Portugal, the relationship between the prevalence of musculoskeletal symptoms and many work-related risk factors is still very unclear. Therefore, in order to contribute to a better understanding of WMSD risk factors, this study aims to analyze the association between the prevalence of musculoskeletal symptoms in sewing workers of the footwear industry and some of the work-related risk factors for the development of WMSD. Both direct observation and a questionnaire survey were performed, and SPSS was used in statistical data analysis. Some of the individual, occupational, environmental and organizational / psychosocial risk factors were found to be associated with the reported symptoms, but those were distinct in the two companies under study. The results emphasize the multifactorial nature of WMSD and the need for the implementation of new and more effective ergonomic prevention programs, more centered on the identified risk factors.


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