A simplified binary artificial fish swarm algorithm for uncapacitated facility location problems

By Azad, Md.A.K.; Rocha, A.M.A.C.; Fernandes, E.M.G.P.

Lecture Notes in Engineering and Computer Science



Uncapacitated facility location problem (UFLP) is a combinatorial optimization problem, which has many applications. The artificial fish swarm algorithm has recently emerged in continuous optimization problem. In this paper, we present a simplified binary version of the artificial fish swarm algorithm (S-bAFSA) for solving the UFLP. In S-bAFSA, trial points are created by using crossover and mutation. In order to improve the quality of the solutions, a cyclic reinitialization of the population is carried out. To enhance the accuracy of the solution, a local search is applied on a predefined number of points. The presented algorithm is tested on a set of benchmark uncapacitated facility location problems.


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