A comprehensive taxonomy for three-dimensional displays

By Pimenta, W.; Santos, L.P.

20th International Conference in Central Europe on Computer Graphics, Visualization and Computer Vision, WSCG 2012 - Conference Proceedings



Even though three-dimensional (3D) displays have been introduced in relatively recent times in the context of display technology, they have undergone a rapid evolution, to the point that a plethora of equipment able to reproduce dynamic three-dimensional scenes in real time is now becoming commonplace in the consumer market. This paper’s main contributions are (1) a clear definition of a 3D display, based on the visual depth cues supported, and (2) a hierarchical taxonomy of classes and subclasses of 3D displays, based on a set of properties that allows an unambiguous and systematic classification scheme for three-dimensional displays. Five main types of 3D displays are thus defined –two of those new–, aiming to provide a taxonomy that is largely backwards-compatible, but that also clarifies prior inconsistencies in the literature. This well-defined outline should also enable exploration of the 3D display space and devising of new 3D display systems.



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