Enriching conflict resolution environments with the provision of context information

By Carneiro, D.; Gomes, M.; Costa, \^A.; Novais, P.; Neves, J.

Expert Systems



It is a common affair to settle disputes out of courts nowadays, through negotiation, mediation or any other mean. This has also been implemented over telecommunication means under the so-called Online Dispute Resolution methods. However, this new technology-supported approach is impersonal and cold, leaving aside important issues such as the disputants’ body language, stress level or emotional response while being based on forms, e-mails or chat rooms. To overcome this shortcoming in this paper it is proposed the creation of intelligent environments for conflict resolution that can complement the existing tools with important knowledge about the context of interaction. This will allow decisionmakers to take better framed decisions based not only on figures but also on important contextual information, similarly to what happens when parties communicate in the physical presence of each other.


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