Extracting behavioural patterns from a negotiation game

By Gomes, M.; Oliveira, T.; Carneiro, D.; Novais, P.; Neves, J.



The work presented focuses not only on the behavioural patterns that influence the outcome of a negotiation, but also on the discovery of ways to predict the type of conflict used in the process and the stress levels of the actors. After setting up an experimental intelligent environment provided with sensors to capture behavioural and contextual information, a set of relevant data was collected and analysed, with the underlying objective of using the behavioural patterns (obtained by statistical/probabilistic methods) as a basis to design and present plans and suggestions to the associated participants. In sooth, these proposals may influence in a positive way the course and outcome of a negotiation task in many aspects. This work highlights the importance of knowledge in negotiation, as in other social forms of interaction, providing also some new insights for informed decision support in situations in which uncertainty and conflict may be present.


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