Design of a mechatronic system for human blood typing in emergency situations

By Moreira, V.; Ferraz, A.; Carvalho, V.; Soares, F.; MacHado, J.



The determination of human blood type in emergency situations is particular relevant. In accordance to this and considering the development of equipment, based on image processing techniques that can determine the blood type in short time, it was designed a medical device capable of being used in emergency situations. This device is constituted mainly by an embedded system (Liliput), for monitoring and processing blood samples with LabVIEW, a CCD camera, as well as additional electronic hardware to promote mixing of the blood samples with test reagents in addition to lighting intensity control for image capture. The obtained results allow including this equipment in health care units, and in mobile vehicles of medical assistance, due to its small dimensions, high speed response, trusted results, portability, low cost and easy maintenance.


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