Standardization of processes applying CMMI best practices

By Serrano, V.; Tereso, A.; Ribeiro, P.; Brito, M.

Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing



Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) is a set of practices that can be applied in companies in order to improve processes. The goal of this work was to understand the barriers in implementing CMMI and improve processes following the model. The study was conducted in a company in the North of Portugal, following three steps: (1) diagnosing the company (2) opinion gathering through questionnaires and (3) reimplementation of CMMI. The analysis of the questionnaires indicated that implementing CMMI is problematical due to bureaucracy and lack of detailed protocols. Based on the difficulties encountered we developed a detailed documentation with standard processes where the employer has a more prominent role in controlling the processes. The adapted CMMI was then re-introduced in the same company. Finally, linking perceptions and results from the reimplementation, we consider fundamental a good use of CMMI to ensure efficient production.


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