Fabrication methodology of microlenses for stereoscopic imagers using standard CMOS process

By Rocha, R.P.; Carmo, J.P.; Correia, J.H.

ECS Transactions



This paper presents the fabrication technology of microlenses maintaining a high reproducibility of their characteristics with low cost. The objective of microlenses is to be integrated into imagers in CMOS technology to allow stereoscopic vision. The fabricated microlenses form cylindrical arrays to be placed above the optical filters and photodetectors, in order to potentiate stereoscopic vision and at the same time maximizing the color fidelity. An array of optical filters centered at the primary colors will enable a multicolor usage. The AZ4562 material was the photoresist selected for fabricating the microlenses. The cylindrical shape is obtained by reflowing the photoresist using the hot-plate technique.



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