A transformation of business process models into software-executable models using MDA

By Santos, N.; Duarte, F.J.; MacHado, R.J.; Fernandes, J.M.

Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing



Traditional software development projects for process-oriented organizations are time consuming and do not always guarantee the fulfillment of the functional requirements of the client organization, and thus the quality of the resulting software product. To reduce the time spent for developing software and improve its quality, we adopt the inclusion of automation in some parts of the software development process. Thus, in this paper, we propose a model transformation approach to derive an executable model for the business processes of a given organization. We execute a mapping between processes (described with a business process execution language) and software components. We also propose a supporting software architecture based on an Enterprise Service Bus and on Java Business Integration, and we use an already defined methodology to execute the model transformation project.


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