Sensorization and intelligent systems in energetic sustainable environments

By Silva, F.; Cuevas, D.; Analide, C.; Neves, J.; Marques, J.

Studies in Computational Intelligence



Sustainability is an important topic of discussion in our world. However, measuring sustainability and assessing behaviors is not always easy. Indeed, and in order to fulfill this goal, in this work it will be proposed a multi-agent based architecture to measure and assess sustainable indicators taken from a given environment. These evaluations will be based on past and present behaviors of the users and the particularities of the setting, leading to the evaluation of workable indicators such as gas emissions, energetic consumption and the users fitting with respect to the milieu. Special attention is given to user interaction and user attributes to calculate sustainable indicators for each type of structure, i.e., the aim of this scheme is to promote sustainability awareness and sustainable actions through the use of sustainable markers calculated in terms of the information gathered from the environment.


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