Multispectrum video for proactive response in intelligent environments

By Castillo, J.C.; Serrano-Cuerda, J.; Sokolova, M.V.; Fern'Ndez-Caballero, A.; Costa, A.&a

Proceedings - 8th International Conference on Intelligent Environments, IE 2012



The exponential increase of home-bound persons that live alone and are in need of continuous monitoring requires new solutions to current problems. Most of these cases present illnesses, such as motor or psychological disabilities, that deprive them of a normal living. Abnormal situations such as forgetfulness or falls are quite common and should be prevented or dealt with. This paper presents a system able to detect dangerous situations at home, such as falls, independently from existing environment conditions. The aim of the proposed system is to proactively offer support to the citizen or to warn the emergency services when needed.


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