Narrow-band pass filter array for integrated opto-electronic spectroscopy detectors to assess esophageal tissue

By Ferreira, D.S.; Mirkovic, J.; Wolffenbuttel, R.F.; Correia, J.H.; Feld, M.S&p

Biomedical Optics Express



A strategy for spectroscopy tissue diagnosis using a small number of wavelengths is reported. The feasibility to accurately quantify tissue information using only 16 wavelengths is demonstrated with several wavelength reduction simulations of the existing esophageal data set. These results are an important step for the development of a miniaturized, robust and low-cost spectroscopy system. This system is based on a sub-millimeter high-selective filter array that offers prospects for a simplified miniature spectrographic detector for a future diagnostic tool to improve the diagnosis of dysplasia. Several thin-film optical filters are optimized and fabricated and its spectral performance is shown to be sufficient for the selection of specific wavelength bands.


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