Advanced design of a mechatronic system for human blood typing

By Bezerra, K.; Ferraz, A.; Carvalho, V.; Machado, J.; Matos, D.; Soares, F.

Romanian Review Precision Mechanics, Optics and Mechatronics



The possibility of human error in the blood typing analysis in emergency situations is due to the need for rapid implementation of procedures in a stressful situation and subjectivity of the analysis inherent to the health technician. Currently, the process of the blood group analysis, in these situations, occurs manually through the plate test procedure. It consists of blood collection and mixing with specific reagents, in order to determine the blood agglutination. The results are checked macroscopically. In this paper, the main objective is to present the conceptual design of a mechatronic system for human blood typing in emergency situations. The study and development of this system is performed by taking into account important aspects such as compactness, portability, reduce weight and cost. Blood typing is achieved through image processing algorithms, without human intervention. All the mentioned features are essential in developing a device that can be implemented in the market and successfully sold, avoiding human errors with the consequent increment of human safety.


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