Ontology alignment through argumentation

By Luz, N.; Silva, N.; Maio, P.; Novais, P.

AAAI Spring Symposium - Technical Report



Currently, the majority of matchers are able to establish simple correspondences between entities, but are not able to provide complex alignments. Furthermore, the resulting alignments do not contain additional information on how they were extracted and formed. Not only it becomes hard to debug the alignment results, but it is also difficult to justify correspondences. We propose a method to generate complex ontology alignments that captures the semantics of matching algorithms and human-oriented ontology alignment definition processes. Through these semantics, arguments that provide an abstraction over the specificities of the alignment process are generated and used by agents to share, negotiate and combine correspondences. After the negotiation process, the resulting arguments and their relations can be visualized by humans in order to debug and understand the given correspondences.


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