Non-invasive estimation of stress in conflict resolution environments

By Novais, P.; Carneiro, D.; Gomes, M.; Neves, J.



The current trend in Online Dispute Resolution focuses mostly on the development of technological tools that allow parties to solve conflicts through telecommunication means. However, this tendency leaves aside key issues, namely our concern with respect to context information that was previously available in traditional Alternative Dispute Resolution processes. The main weakness of this approach is that conflict resolution may become a cold process, focused solely on objective questions. In order to overcome this inconvenience, we move forward to incorporate context information in an Online Dispute Resolution platform. In particular, we consider the estimation of the level of stress of the users by analyzing their interaction patterns. As a result, the conflict resolution platform or the mediator may weight to what extent a party is affected by a particular matter, allowing one to adapt the conflict resolution strategy to a specific problem in real time.


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