Mobile sensor systems on outpatients

By Costa, A.; Novais, P.

International Journal of Artificial Intelligence



Society walks towards a massive aging phenomena. It is estimated that in 50 years the elderly population will surpass the young population. This means that two major problems will arise: social and economic. The active population will not produce enough wealth to support the elderly population and the problems that elderly person usually have will be growing exponentially, being the health services provided today unable to respond to such demand. Technology and the ever-growing evolution of it can be a possible response to both problems, providing an initial assistance and remote monitoring. This project enables elderly people to have an active life, by providing freedom in form of monitoring the user health state and providing tools to help them overcome daily tasks. In this paper it is presented a remote body sensoring that paramounts with a cognitive impairment helper, present in a mobile system, to provide constant monitoring of the users’ health condition, enabling proactive actions and medical reports to the user physician.


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