Improvement of after-sales maintenance service using TPM principles

By Lopes, I.S.; Moreira, E.; Sousa, S.D.

Reliability, Risk and Safety: Back to the Future



The after-sales maintenance service can represent a significant part of costs and incomes for some companies, Therefore, it is important for the company maintaining their equipments to full operating efficiency, thus avoiding any unscheduled actions in order to reduce costs and avoid disruptions to their clients and preserving an image of quality and safety that is becoming of increasing importance. Total Productive Maintenance has been for several years implemented in the manufacturing industry. Even though some of the pillars of TPM cannot be applied for after-sales services, the philosophy behind the creation of TPM still applies and can bring great benefits for maintenance not as a part of a company's production system but as a service provided by a company for its client. This case represents the adaptation of the traditional TPM to an elevator and escalator company whose after-sales maintenance service represents a significant part of business. This paper also focuses on how preventive and corrective maintenance disrupt regular maintenance, and the importance of an efficient information flow needed to manage a great number of equipments distributed throughout a large distance. © 2010 Taylor & Francis Group.


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