A survey of software engineering best practices for the development of smart applications in Ambient Intelligence

By Preuveneers, D.; Novais, P.

Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Smart Environments



Over the past decade, the world of Ambient Intelligence and smart environments has brought us a wide variety of novel applications with potential for exhibiting sophisticated intelligent behavior. These applications are called smart because they can sense, anticipate and adapt themselves to the context, desires and intentions of their users. However, the unpredictability of human behavior, the unanticipated circumstances of execution and a growing heterogeneity of future operational environments impose significant development challenges if these innovative applications are to gain wide acceptance in our daily life. Therefore, applying well-established software engineering methodologies is a fundamental prerequisite for delivering high quality and robust smart software applications. This survey provides a illustrative presentation of software engineering best practices in the area of smart environments and Ambient Intelligence. The aim of this survey is not to explore and compare every possible related work in detail, but to offer insights into the latest developments in this domain and to further the research into the successful design, development and evaluation of Ambient Intelligence frameworks and applications.


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