Stereoscopic image sensor in CMOS technology

By Carmo, J.P.; Silva, M.F.; Rocha, R.P.; Ribeiro, J.F.; Goncalves, L.M&a

Procedia Engineering



This paper presents a stereoscopic image sensor in CMOS technology. The proposed sensor allows the acquisition of stereoscopic images with a resolution of 1024×1024 pixels per channel and a targeted signal-to-noise ratio and dynamic-range of 60 dB. An array of microlenses (fabricated with post-processing techniques) separates the left and right optical channels to form the stereoscopic image. An array of optical filters tuned to the primary colors allows a multicolor usage. The fill factor is increased by applying the 1.5 transistor (1.5 T) concept and photodiodes with octagonal shapes. The reflow method applied to the AZ9260 thick photoresist allows the fabrication of microlenses with high reproducibility



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