Simulation of electrical distributed energy resources for electrical vehicles charging process strategy

By Ferreira, J.C.; Trigo, P.; Silva, A.R.D.; Coelho, H.; Afonso, J.L.

Advances in Social Simulation: 2010 2nd Brazilian Workshop on Social Simulation, BWSS 2010 - Co-located with Joint Conference SBIA/SBRN/JRI 2010



This paper presents a simulation platform for control and monitor the Electric Vehicle charging process, based on existing power distribution limitations and Microgeneration capacity. The goal of this research is to simulate the energy consumption and their unexpected behavior, using past experience and taking into account distribution network and home power limitation to find an intelligent charging pattern. This paper proposes a novel approach for this problem based on a simulation platform where stochastic process is adopted to perform unexpected user behavior. This simulation platform can be used to determine the capability of the actual electrical distribution network for supplying energy to the final consumers and for charging the bank of batteries of electrical vehicles, which can occur simultaneously.


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