Developing dynamic conflict resolution models based on the interpretation of personal conflict styles

By Carneiro, D.; Gomes, M.; Novais, P.; Neves, J.



Conflict resolution is a classic field of Social Science research. However, with conflicts now also emerging in virtual environments, a new field of research has been developing in which Artificial Intelligence and particularly Ambient Intelligence are interesting. As result, the field of Online Dispute Resolution emerged as the use (in part or entirely) of technological tools to solve disputes. In this paper we focus on developing conflict resolution models that are able to adapt strategies in real time according to changes in the personal conflict styles of the parties. To do it we follow a novel approach in which an intelligent environment supports the lifecycle of the conflict resolution model with the provision of important context knowledge. The presented framework is able to react to important changes in the context of interaction, resulting in a conflict resolution approach that is able to perceive the parties and consequently achieve better outcomes.


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