Data acquisition process for an intelligent decision support in gynecology and obstetrics emergency triage

By Cabral, A.; Pina, C.; Machado, H.; Abelha, A.; Salazar, M.; Quintas, C.; Po

Communications in Computer and Information Science



Manchester Triage System is a reliable system of triage in the emergency department of a hospital. This system when applied to a specific patients’ condition such the pregnancy has several limitations. To overcome those limitations an alternative triage IDSS was developed in the MJD. In this approach the knowledge was obtained directly from the doctors’ empirical and scientific experience to make the first version of decision models. Due to the particular gynecological and/or obstetrics requests other characteristics had been developed, namely a system that can increase patient safety for women in need of immediate care and help low-risk women avoid high-risk care, maximizing the use of resources. This paper presents the arrival flowchart, the associated decisions and the knowledge acquisition cycle. Results showed that this new approach enhances the efficiency and the safety through the appropriate use of resources and by assisting the right patient in the right place.


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