Using case-based reasoning to support alternative dispute resolution

By Carneiro, D.; Novais, P.; Andrade, F.; Zeleznikow, J.; Neves, J.



Recent trends in communication technologies led to a shift in the already traditional Alternative Dispute Resolution paradigm, giving birth to the Online Dispute Resolution one. In this new paradigm, technologies are used as a way to deliver better, faster and cheaper alternatives to litigation in court. However, the role that technology plays can be even further enhanced through the use of artefacts from the Artificial Intelligence field. In this paper we present UMCourt, an Online Dispute Resolution tool that borrows concepts from the fields of Law and Artificial Intelligence. The system keeps the parties informed about the possible consequences of their litigation if their problems are to be settled in court. Moreover, it makes use of a Case-based Reasoning algorithm that searches for solutions for the litigation considering past known similar cases, as a way to enhance the negotiation process. When parties have access to all this information and are aware of the consequences of their choices, they can take better decisions that encompass all the important aspects of a litigation process.


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