A strategy for spectroscopic diagnosis of dysplasia using a miniaturized system for endoscopic capsules

By Ferreira, D.S.; Correia, J.H.; Minas, G.

Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering



This paper describes a strategy for the detection of gastrointestinal (GI) dysplasia using a miniaturized system to be integrated within an endoscopic capsule. This system will be able to perform spectroscopy measurements in specific spectral bands, which have the potential to provide biological information of normal and diseased tissue. The designed instrument is based on highly selective thin-film optical filters and silicon photodiodes for the selection and detection of different spectral bands significant for diagnosis. A thin-film optical interference filter and a silicon photodiode were designed and fabricated for diffuse reflectance measurements in the green spectral band. A qualitative analysis of GI spectroscopic data using this specific spectral band is performed. Using a single optical filter, a good sensitivity and specificity were obtained for the diagnosis of GI dysplasia.


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