A new plant modelling approach for formal verification purposes

By Machado, J.; Seabra, E.; Soares, F.; Campos, J.

IFAC Proceedings Volumes (IFAC-PapersOnline)



This paper presents a new approach in plant modeling for the formal verification of real time systems. A system composed by two tanks is used, where all its components are modeled by simple modules and all the interdependences of the system?s modular models are presented. As innovating parameters in the plant modeling, having as purpose its use on formal verification tasks, the plant is modeled using Dymola software and Modelica programming language. The results obtained in simulation are used to define the plant models that are used for the formal verification tasks, using the model-checker UPPAAL. The paper presents, in a more detailed way, the part of this work that is related to formal verification, being pointing out the used plant modeling approach.


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