Symbiotic filtering for spam email detection

By Lopes, C.; Cortez, P.; Sousa, P.; Rocha, M.; Rio, M.

Expert Systems with Applications



This paper presents a novel spam filtering technique called Symbiotic Filtering (SF) that aggregates distinct local filters from several users to improve the overall perfor- mance of spam detection. SF is an hybrid approach combining some features from both Collaborative (CF) and Content-Based Filtering (CBF). It allows for the use of social networks to personalize and tailor the set of filters that serve as input to the filtering. A comparison is performed against the commonly used Naive Bayes CBF algorithm. Several experiments were held with the well-known Enron data, under both fixed and incremental symbiotic groups. We show that our system is competitive in performance and is robust against both dictionary and focused con- tamination attacks. Moreover, it can be implemented and deployed with few effort and low communication costs, while assuring privacy.


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