Navigation based on symbolic space models

By Baras, K.; Moreira, A.; Meneses, F.

2010 International Conference on Indoor Positioning and Indoor Navigation, IPIN 2010 - Conference Proceedings



Existing navigation systems are very appropriate for car navigation, but lack support for convenient pedestrian navigation and cannot be used indoors due to GPS limitations. In addition, the creation and the maintenance of the required models are costly and time consuming, and are usually based on proprietary data structures. In this paper we describe a navigation system based on a human inspired symbolic space model. We argue that symbolic space models are much easier to create and to maintain, and that they can support routing applications based on self-locating through the recognition of nearby features. Our symbolic space model is supported by a federation of servers where the spatial descriptions are stored, and which provide interfaces for feeding and querying the model. Local models residing in different servers may be connected between them, thus contributing to the system scalability.


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