Integrated solid-state film lithium battery

By Goncalves, L.M.; Ribeiro, J.F.; Silva, M.F.; Silva, M.M.; Correia, J.H

Procedia Engineering



The several materials required for fabrication of thin-film solid-state rechargeable lithium batteries were deposited and characterized: A glassy lithium-phosphorus oxynitride electrolyte (LiPON) between a lithium (Li) anode and crystalline lithium-cobalt oxide cathode (LiCoO2), deposited by RF-sputtering. Ti/Pt layers, deposited by e-beam were used in contacts and a silicon nitride film (Si3N4), deposited by low temperature hot-wire CVD protects the battery. This technology allows batteries with a potential of 4.5 V, typical capacities of 50 μAcm−2 and chargedischarge rates up to 4C. Solid-state film batteries show faster charge rates and very high cycle life, compared with film polymer batteries, withstanding several thousands of cycles with no pronounced fading.



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