Modelling intelligent behaviours in multi-agent based HL7 services

By Miranda, M.; Pontes, G.; Gon?alves, P.; Peixoto, H.; Santos, M.; Abelha, A&period

Studies in Computational Intelligence



With the dissemination of Health Information Systems and the greater relevance of interoperability towards the quality of the information available to the clinical personnel, distinct architectures and methodologies have been devised in order to improve the existing platforms in the healthcare environment. However, most of them are based on HL7, an international standard for healthcare interoperability, which depending on the implementation as any technology has its advantages and limitations. This paper details the architecture and methodologies of a multi-agent based HL7 interoperation service. The mentioned system is incorporated in an integration platform, which is implemented in several healthcare institutions and uses Multi-Agent Systems to control and enable the flow of data and information within them. The log registry and extracted statistics of several years of interoperation in one institution are used to analyse the development of prediction models to imbue intelligent behaviour in the existing platform. The resulting models are studied and embedded into a validation HL7 server agent.


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